Well protected by the powers that be is this lawyer ... Miss Snitch. She instructs a barrister to tell the High Court that her over-sensitive effette client who is a CEO (Miss Whoopsee) is being harassed by another professional (Mr Big) who told her to stop getting her "knickers in a twist" and to have the integrity to arrange a meeting to discuss one of her member's (Mr Nutty) misconduct in public office and also, in a related matter, to explain why Mr Nutty supported a third party (Ms A) who caused Mr Big to be told: "Going to f*ck your mother. She like white man" and that his "semen was only fit for a pig" and to "Go fu*k Allah, the Camel" and a whole lot more besides, all recorded as a hate-crime by the Essex Police and referred to Interpol.

But CEO Miss Whoopsee refused Mr Big a meeting to discuss the obvious misconduct by her member, Mr Nutty, who ruled that Mr Big 'lacked all insight' into his behaviour for criticising Ms A who caused him to be told his semen was only fit for a pig. Mr Big asks Mr Nutty for a meeting to explain why he 'lacked all insight' and why Mr Nutty supported Ms A's actions resulting in him being told his semen was only fit for a pig. Meeting refused. So Mr Big describes Mr Nutty as an "establishment arselicker" and "a bigot" and if there is no apology then: "I will find you ... and I will confront you".

Miss Snitch, acting for Mr Nutty instructs a barrister who then tells the High Court in a Part 8 secret telephone application the fabrication that Mr Big's words "I will find you ... and I will confront you" were taken from hit-man, actor Liam Neeson's words (in the film 'Taken'): "I WILL find you ... and I WILL kill you" addressed to Albanian sex-traffickers. The transcript of the Part 8 hearing is served personally on Mr Big together with another 1,200 pages of evidence and an Injunction not to approach or contact Mr Nutty or Miss Whoopsee, backed up by a Penal Notice.

Mr Big then tells lawyer Miss Snitch in a voicemail message that she is way out of line instructing a barrister to compare him to hit-man Liam Neeson who at the end of the film executes the (stereotyped) Arab Muslim pimps and sex-traffickers in Paris. The barrister infers to the High Court that Mr Big, a Muslim, may himself be intending to kill Mr Nutty. Muslims are, after all, terrorists. Mr Big tells Miss Snitch in his telephone message to stop "f*cking around" for such a despicable betrayal which amounts to gross misconduct.

And what does Miss Snitch do? She sends a transcript of the 'Stop f*cking around' phone message from Mr Big ... TO the High Court in which Mr Big also called the barrister 'an arsehole' for comparing him to a hit-man who kills Muslim sex-traffickers. He was an arsehole. Vomit-inducing betrayal by the Snitch. Miss Snitch tells the High Court she and Counsel are now being 'harassed' too.

Mr Big, naturally, was insensed at being refused a meeting with CEO Miss Whoopsee and told her if there is no meeting to discuss her organisation's bigotry he will: "find her and confront her" too. Miss Whoopsee then complains to the Police of 'harassment' from Mr Big. The Police do nothing.

Miss Whoopsee ups the ante and tells her civil litigation lawyer, the Snitch, she fears for her safety and was "shaking like a leaf" when on her own in the office. A remote High Court phone hearing takes place without the knowledge of Mr Big ... who is portrayed as a Muslim hit-man/terrorist by opposing Counsel. The Snitch sends the Court papers to Mr Big together with her schedule of costs for her week's work in the sum of £25,000. The judge who heard the initial application thought Mr Big's threats were "chilling" without having a clue about the misconduct of the bigots Mr Nutty and Miss Whoopsee and orders an immediate hearing for Mr Big and opposing Counsel to attend in person.

Then at the High Court hearing a new judge refuses to dismiss the Protection from Harassment application and orders a trial because on the 'balance of convenience' Miss Whoopsee and Mr Nutty "were only doing their jobs" and should not be threatened with "violence". The words: "I will find you ... and I will confront you" were somehow meant to imply a threat of violence. Mr Nutty, conveniently, thinks his life may be in danger too from the newly designated 'hit-man'.

Miss Snitch also gets her barrister to include her in the Injunction Notice that Mr Big must not harass her or use ungentlemanly language when communicating with her. The barrister convinces the judge that he himself must also be protected and not harassed. Mass-murder? Who knows? The Court hears that if Mr Big had not told Miss Snitch to "stop fu*king around" or that Counsel was "an arsehole" then that might have been the end of the matter. But now that they themselves felt "harassed" by such language an award of damages was not enough and they required a full trial.

The law firm and their barrister act for a major institution who are determined to crush all opposition. We say they can all burn in hell. Even the Mob in New York have lawyers in who are 'just doing their job'.

Supporting the person (Ms A) who caused Mr Big to be told: "Going to f*ck your mother. She like white man", and that his "semen was only fit for a pig" was what Mr Nutty described as "just doing my job". Miss Whoopsee concurred. The two High Court judges thought nothing of it. Rule Britannia!

British bigotry par excellence