"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"

Martin Luther King 1929 - 1968 American civil rights leader

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another raw slices

Another raw slice of Norwegian life

Karl Ove Knausgard writes about his masturbation, his sexual indiscretions, his professional jealousy, his wild drunken excesses, all revealed with tortured self loathing

London Evening Standard 18 February 2016


gloom with a views
Gloom with a view; Norway

By Roland White - Sunday Times 7th May 1995


its fun outin the cold copy1s
Norway finds it's fun out in the cold

By Tony Samstag - Sunday Times 11th June 1995


Chief of Police exposed online

Oppland Arbeiderblad - 20 September 2011


Online harassment

Oppland Arbeiderblad - 21 September 2011


6,000 Norwegian men fought for Hitler

The Guardian, 3 May 2014

Ex- Vietnam protester to head Nato

The Times , 29 March 2014


Terror in Norway

The Times , 23 July 2011


Minaret myths

New Statesman, 1 August 2011


Norway's tragedy...

The Guardian, 25 July 2011


Anders Breivik - How a murderer became an icon

New Statesman, 24-30 August 2012


Anders Breivik's Unfinished War

Newsweek 22 April 2016

A 'war' started by the Norwegian establishment and finished beyond expectation by Anders Breivik


Breivik wins case against Norway over his human rights

The Guardian 21 April 2016


breivic readys

Breivik ready for girlfriend visits after court win

The Times 21 April 2016


The Scream

Daily Mail. 4th May 2012 ...

"Munch had lived in Norway during the troubled 1890's. It was a generation which had seen the collapse of religion, and the growth, among intellectuals, of the idea that life was empty, pointless and horrible."


The chair man 

Sex obsessed Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard - the self-confessed 'worn-out faggot'

Evening Standard 23 January 2014




Nordic aupairs ...

The Sunday Telegraph , 29 October 1995




The Vikings - the most barbaric race ever? PART 1 

Daily Mail April 19th 2003


The Vikings - the most barbaric race ever? PART 2

Daily Mail April 19th 2003



Faerre aborter i 1994



ABORTER i 2001




Feminister raser mot porno-messe

Nordmenn har mest tilfeldig sex

Halvparten bruker ikke kondom

Kvinner kan vaksineres mot kjønnssykdommer

Sex toys replace Tupperware

Shock, sorrow and soul-searching follow ex-minister's death

Law firm caught up in Toenne tragedy

'Coincidence' that New Year's speeches both addressed bullying

Nordmenn gjør det i fylla

New sex survey planned

En dildo uten begjær

Queen tells girls to fight sex pressure

Bosses prefer strip clubs

First to choose chemical castration

Litt mindre skråsikkerhet, takk

Norwegian women breastfeeding like never before

Annual graduation debauchery looms

More babies have unmarried parents

More Horror stories emerge from childrens' institutions

Orphanage scandal continues to grow

Norway world leader in casual sex

Norwegians least religious in Europe

Sex hot line calls worry operators

Norwegian women demand good sex

Imams anger Bondevik

Suicide rate drops, but still 'too high'

Graduating 'russ' in new porno shock

Sex merit badge on offer

Psychiatric problems plague one in four Norwegians

Girls on drugs

On May 17th 2006 - Norwegian National Day -
Drammens Tidende make The Times of London
in 'own goal' referee story.

Young women opt for abortion

Soaring suicide rate

Women to blame

Julian Assange and his Swedish Ladies



Coach denies sexual harassment charges

Drapstrusler mot Berit Riise

- Kan aldri forhindre utbrudd på direkten

- Sex-påstandene kan gi to års fengsel



Norwegian Ex - Prime Minister, Mrs Brundtland's sadness




Who Wants to be a Norwegian?

London Evening Standard - 12th March 1999



Visit Norway where you can kill a seal for £110

Daily Mail, October 4th 2004



Norwegian 'rape' liar goes to jail


Daily Express, Tuesday June 7th 2005


Daily Mail Tuesday June 7th 2005


Daily Mirror, Wednesday, June 8th, 2005




One-night stand liar exposed..by her mother

Daily Mirror, 8th June 2005




Daily Mirror, 9th June 2005


Daily Mirror, Friday,10th June 2005



The Sun, Friday, June 10th, 2005



Norwegian Ingrid Tarrant exposed as a liar in court when using words to describe a police officer as a 'psycho, out of control'.

Daily Mail, 17th July 2009

The German "whore" children

Sleeping with the enemy

The Independent on Sunday February 2nd 2003


Norway finally forgives women who slept with Hitler's soldiers

The Daily Telegraph, Thursday October 27th 2005


I've Bedded 227 Girls
(Norway to Treat a Lady)

The Sun - Monday April 27th 1998



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