Another great British hypocrite telling the world that she abhors ONLY a certain form of Islamophobia - when it comes from abroad. That's High Court judge Dame Judith Farbey for you. Another Uriah Heep character and we're not talking about the rock band. Insincerity and vomit-inducing trickery is the lame dame's game. Yes ... she states in Court 20 at the Royal Courts of Justice in 2021 that it is very bad for a Muslim Solicitor to be told by Norwegians to 'Go fuck Allah, the Camel' and that his beloved prophet Muhammad is 'a confused paedophile' and a whole lot more besides - reported to Interpol by the Essex Police. BUT to tell a British Regulatory official that he is an 'Islamophobic bigot' for his unstinting support for the registered mental patient who actually CAUSED the messages to be sent to the Muslim Solicitor is 'harassment' under the Protection from Harassment Act. Our British officials are NEVER to be criticised is the lesson we must learn. Or you are off to prison. That's the mantra of this one-sided member of the great British Islamophobia industry at the Royal Courts of Justice. A Pharisee. Another Uriah Heep clone ... no disrespect to the rock band who we salute as True Brits.


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The Great Pretender - High Court judge Mrs Justice Farbey