Men suffer a lot of stress at work - what with long hours and tight deadlines - and they often require a form of light to heavy-weight form of relief or relaxation. For those who are not tee-total or who do not insist on waiting to get married before having some nookie then some precautions are necessary. Note the following:

1. Some professional men always get away with it - like the late George Carman Q.C., the 'King of Libel'. Whilst being a leader to junior barristers such as Victoria Sharp (now Dame Victoria Sharp, President of the Queens Bench Division at the Royal Courts of Justice), Adrienne Page and Hugh Tomlinson (1 Brick Court, Temple), George lived in Lincoln's Inn and indulged himself with teenage prostitutes on good money, gambled away £3 million at the tables, and regularly beat his wife. He was bi-sexual too. All according to his son Dominic Carman's biography 'No Ordinary Man'. Victoria Sharp turned a blind eye. She knew alright but kept quiet so as not to ruin her career. She undoubtedly knew full well that 'Georgeous George' was an abuser. George, who always introduced his libel victims' sexual history into the proceedings if he could. He was an expert in sexual cross-examination.

Other men do not get away with it: they end up on trial for attempted rape or rape or harassment at the Crown Court. Just look at the newspaper reports on our 'Newsclips UK' link.

2. Girls in the office who are married should be strictly off-limits. Even if they indicate they are up for some extra-curricular activity make sure you resist - as if it all goes pear-shaped and hubby smells a rat then your colleague just may claim sexual harassment, duress, attempted rape or rape (especially if you'd been out for an after-work drink).

3. Girls in the office who are 'spoken for' may also try the same tricks. The single ones are less likely to do so - but don't do a Julian Assange: sleep with two single women at the same time. We all know what happened to him. Jealously is endemic in the professional classes.

4. So the first thing you do before engaging in a (short-sighted) one-night stand is buy yourself a covert telephone recording device and tape-recorder for your land line. Mobile phones do not record both ways. Ring up your 'intended' a few times and engage in some friendly banter. To be used later if the worst comes to the worst.

5. If she is drunk desist from nookie or even foreplay altogether.

6. Put ON your recording device on your mobile as soon as you enter the front door. And throughout foreplay and any subsequent nookie.

7. Men must be extremely careful nowadays. Even royalty - as well we know. 'Victims' are coming out of the woodwork in their droves. Some are indeed opportunists. Happy to indulge in under-age sex with their classmates and then once school finishes go onto the celebrity scene when, once caught out, claim they were innocent victims of sex-trafficking. Taken advantage of by overbearing men. Right. Just look at the thousands of 18-plus teen girls doing very explicit porn on the web today. They love it. When was the last time any of these 'angels' went to the Police to claim they were "forced into it"? True, there are occasions when men do genuinely break the law and they must be held to account. But many women from all walks of life are prone to lie. Men need to protect themselves.

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