What is the definition of a 'tart'?

We all know one when we see one. Females whose hormonal pussy-power overcomes them with an overwhelming desire to underdress to impress, tease and attract. Attract all and sundry - but invite only the special ones ...to engage in 'afters'. Some go further and make a living out of being 'a victim'. Opportunists-to-be. Porn is a world-wide phenomenon: none of the actresses are 'victims'. At age 15 the future porn stars eagerly await the day they turn 18 so they can apply to work in adult films. Clearly they love their work. And are fairly well paid. Others work as teenage prostitutes. For the love of easy money. It might start out as being a 'masseuse' at say age 17. Above the age of consent in the U.K. But below the age of consent in some U.S states. The age of consent in Germany is 14. In Bahrain it is 21. In Japan it is 13. In medieval England the minimum age for marriage was put at 12. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was betrothed to Joseph at age 12-14.

One ex-prostitute in the news in 2019 is Virginia Roberts, who has accused Prince Andrew of having sex with her against her will. She was 'exploited', 'taken advantage of', 'trafficked'. She did not know what she was doing as she was 'too young'. So Virgin-ia, how much were you paid for your 'services'? Time and again. Were you forced to get on those private jets and travel the world? And go swimming? Have you heard of the word 'No'? Why dress in a tank top? Why the happy smile in that photo with Prince Andrew? Were you blackmailed to give sex and if so in what way? Did you take drugs? Alcohol? Were you on the pill? Did you have an abortion? When did you lose your virginity? Why not get your parents to rescue you? When did your lawyers tell you there's money to be made if you play your cards right?

The happy hooker turned opportunist. Virginia Roberts/Giuffre. A very willing 'victim' who was 'ignorant' of the wicked ways of the 'hospitality' industry. Why not ask Prince Andrew to elope with you then? Engagement? Marriage? Why continue the debauchery? Was it the money? The sex? The company? 'Hypocrite'. Look it up in the dick-tionary.

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Daily Mail 9 August 2019


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