New Queens Bench Division President - Victoria Sharp, otherwise known as Mrs Victoria Chappatte of Tunbridge Wells - condoned (as Mrs Justice Sharp) the role of Norwegian abuser-Police Sergeant Torill Sorte who was the catalyst for the 'Go fuck Allah the Camel' series of emails read out to her in court in 2011. Emails classed as a hate crime by the British Police and passed on to Interpol. But accepted as valid comment by Mrs Justice Sharp. She adopted and endorsed the abuse. In the same week as she handed down her July 2011 judgement the defendant The Ministry of Justice & Police, Norway had its entire premises wrecked by Anders Breivik's car bomb in Oslo. The protection given the Norwegian Ministry by Sharp J. was temporary. Illusory. Breivik went on to murder 69 youths at Ut√łya because he hated Muslims. The High Court Claimant was a Muslim solicitor. Police Sergeant Torill Sorte encouraged the likes of Breivik to hate Muslims by her comments to the Norwegian Press. Google Norway Shockers.

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