And we're not talking about Judge John Deed, the fictional tv character played by the brilliant Martin Shaw. In this case it concerns District Judge Claire Gilham as reported in the Times in March 2021. See articles below. Claire Gilham did her duty as a woman of honour and pointed out distinct administrative failings in the justice system. See what she got in return from the Ministry of Justice! A sack full of sh*it. Poor woman. Note the determination of the Ministry of Justice 'to deny everything and fight everything' - using their own barristers! Pimps, metaphorically speaking. Also at it in relation to Judicial Review proceedings brought by ex-Lincoln's Inn Solicitor Farid El Diwany, when the Ministry of Justice defend a wretched liar in the Private Office of the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Duncan Burnett. It is only 'useful truth' that the Justice Ministry stand up for..

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