There are a good many Solicitors and Barristers who manipulate the law in civil cases to cover-up wrong-doing by their clients. They use the law to, basically, cheat and obfuscate. Judges of a particular persuasion allow themselves to be duped and then their supporters call it "abiding by the rule of law" and proceed to attack those criticising the Court judgment and the lawyers involved in the deception.

Much depends on the money a litigant has to pay a solicitor and barrister to represent him. No money? Then you are left to your own devices as a litigant-in-person. Good luck there! To those who argue that to stop abuses by able-minded crafty lawyers the law has to be reformed is to deny the essence of the problem. The laws are frequently well drafted and correct in essence. It is the minds of those barristers that use the grey and more uncertain areas of the law - that are beyond definitive reform - to mislead the Court, who are the real problem. Along with the judges who not infrequently go along with the flawed arguments presented to them. It boils down to a lack of integrity by those involved in administering the rule of law.

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