Michele Souris

Michele Souris is the P.A to Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett. She is a cheat who has no place working for the highest judge in the land. Listen to ex-Lincoln's Inn Solicitor Farid El Diwany confronting her on 13 January 2020 over the gross misconduct of her staff. Despicable Michele Souris!

Six (re-sent) recorded delivery letters were addressed to Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett from ex-Lincoln's Inn Solicitor Mr Farid El Diwany, (including letters of support from Lord Pickles). Letters requesting a change in the Judicial Conduct Rules to prevent a repeat of judges Lady Justice Sharp and Lord Justice Popplewell refusing, WHEN ASKED, to condemn the hate-emails listed below (sent to Muslim man Farid El Diwany from Norway at the instigation of the now disgraced High Court libel defendant) and read out in Court to Mrs Justice Sharp on 16 March 2011. Letters which were NOT PASSED ON to Sir Ian Burnett as Michele Souris and her staff did not want Sir Ian to know about the misconduct of Lady Justice Sharp, now President of the Queen's Bench Division. Email messages declared a hate-crime by the Essex Police and referred to Interpol Norway - who did nothing. LISTEN to the recorded call between Michele Souris and Farid El Diwany in 2020. To compound the iniquity of Sir Ian's staff, Alice Rose (née Gilbert) makes a hoax 999 call to the Met Police on 25 October 2019 which Detective Inspector Jones later records as a crime under Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988. Wasting police time by Alice Gilbert and her conspiratorial staff is an offence under Section 5(2) Criminal Law Act 1967. Mr El Diwany's subsequent letter to Sir Ian Burnett was also NOT GIVEN to him. ALSO this whole matter was additionally covered up by Ben Yallop, Private Secretary to Sir Ian Burnett. Despicable. Michele Souris was then awarded an MBE for 'Services to the Administration of Justice'. Ha! More like 'Services to the Maladministration of Justice'. She must be stripped of her award and sacked for misconduct in public office!

As if that misconduct in public office wasn't bad enough by Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett's staff, this was followed up by another preposterous fabrication in 2020 by Michele Souris. In a heavily redacted Witness Statement from Ben Yallop (Sir Ian's Private Secretary) dated 16 July 2021 (only given to Mr El Diwany 28 months later) sent to the Essex Police, one finds the following extract:


15 June 2020 - In email discussions my team members discuss whether to take any action. Michele Souris observes: "It is a little worrying and I know that he [Farid El Diwany] has turned up at the homes of Dame Victoria [Lady Justice Sharp, President of the Queen's Bench Division] and Lord Burnett but am concerned that if I ask the police [to get] involved that it will only [add] fuel to the fire. ...".


These allegations of me, Farid El Diwany, 'turning up/being seen' outside the home not just of the Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett, but also the home of Lady Justice Sharp are TOTAL FABRICATIONS. I have not been within a million miles of these judges' homes, as the Essex Police fully realise. IF I had 'turned up' outside their homes then the Essex Police would have supplied the evidence. I asked for it repeatedly. But more to the point WHO was it that told Michele Souris these filthy lies? And WHY did Ben Yallop not simply ASK Michele Souris for the evidence? It is over 3 years since these false allegations were made and STILL Farid El Diwany is none the wiser as to WHO actually is supposed to have 'seen' him outside the judges' homes - when he was never there in the first place. Michele Souris is either making the whole story up or is turning a blind eye to her informants fabricating their individual stories. And aren't Sir Ian Burnett and Lady Justice Sharp themselves interested in knowing the evidence for Farid El Diwany 'turning up' at their homes? As there is no evidence for this, these senior judges should now report their staff or their informants to the Essex Police for misconduct and trying to pervert the course of justice. Trouble is the Essex Police are covering up - arse-licking to the establishment civil servant elite at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Despicable Michele Souris: P.A to the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett