The Law Society

Sample emails sent to the Solicitor-editor of the LegalJackass website by extremely disillusioned consumers of legal services who condemned the Law Society.


Mark my words...

Mark Warby Q.C. Remember him? Bigot. Cheat. His past will soon catch up with him.

Mrs Justice Sharp
(obscurantism personified)

Dame Victoria Madeleine Sharp
(a definitive Uriah Heep character)

Sexual etiquette at work

For those who are not tee-total or who do not insist on waiting to get married before having some nookie then some precautions are necessary.

Solicitor v The Establishment

Cover up and humbug in the English legal profession is featured in this unique exposé.


NORWAY - A Triumph in Bigotry

Too hot to handle? See what happens when our Freddy, a London lawyer, becomes Public enemy No. 1 in Norway.


NORWAY - A Sex Maniac's Guide

Norway’s Aftenposten, proclaimed: ‘Young, sex-happy Norwegians are the quickest to hop into bed with casual conquests’.


NORWAY - The Asylum

The Norway Shockers Story. The real Norway is about to hit you... the road to hell was paved with bad intentions.


Psychology of Sex (1948)

The Biology of Sex
The Sexual Impulse in Youth
Sexual Deviation
The Erotic Symbolisms
The Art of Love

The Snitch

British bigotry par excellence

Shaima Dallali

Law Student

Solicitor takes on the Law Society...and wins.